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What Drives Us?

We are passionate about helping you achieve success in business, gain greater financial stability, and ultimately, have more freedom: the freedom to focus on what’s important, to pursue your passions, and to build a life you love.

We excel in identifying strengths in our clients and being tactical about the best way
to execute a strategy into a winning plan.

Sara Jennings

Founder/ Strategy/ Social Media

With marketing degree from Duquesne University and serious experience running marketing, promotions, and social media for several startups, Fortune 300 companies, and more, Sara is well-equipped to help you rock your social media strategy and grow your business.

As one of GoPro’s first 100 employees, she gained invaluable experience in scaling a major tech startup, growing from a small startup to a major public company in a matter of years. A San Diego resident with Midwest roots, Sara’s love of motorcycles, surfing, sewing, and crafting keep her busy when she’s not working hard for her clients and building her business.

What it means for you:

  • With nearly 10 years of marketing experience, Sara’s comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing allows her to create social media campaigns that accelerate your success online and seamlessly integrate with all of your marketing initiatives.
  • Sara approaches marketing from a behavioral science and analytical standpoint to let the data decide the best set of solutions for you.
  • Sara is driven and tactical about achieving goals and will be just as driven for your success.

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Laura Cheek

Branding, Social Media, Email Marketing

Laura Cheek is a social media manager, branding expert, and business savvy millennial. Laura excels in launching and executing effective social media and content strategies for her clients.

Laura’s business degree from Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business in NYC and knack for branding offers a unique approach while structuring her clients’ brands. Her full potential is unleashed when partnering with brands she adores; particularly those who share their stories to inspire.

What it means for you:

  • When working with Laura, you’re working with someone who can hone in on the core of your brand’s unique value and how best to position you online.
  • Laura is an email marketing whiz and can capitalize on the customer list you already have and grow it to new heights.
  • Laura is always connected – she’s on top of what’s going on with every platform, from algorithm changes to the latest features.

Skyler Bell

Strategy, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization

Skyler Bell is an expert at SEO, web design, digital marketing strategy, and conversion rate optimization. A go-getter with a can-do attitude, Skyler is always creating, building, and learning. His motto is “Do Things Differently,” and clients love his enthusiasm and positive energy as much as they love the results his work yields for them.

What it means for you:

  • Skyler has in-depth, behind-the-scenes knowledge about what it takes to create websites and marketing campaigns that convert, the technical strategy behind why people click on what, and how to optimize your marketing for real results.
  • Ever wonder how to turn visits to your sites into actual leads? Skyler is an expert in Conversion Rate Optimization, meaning that he helps increase the number of people who do what you want them to do – whether it’s call your business, schedule a consultation, redeeming a coupon, and more.
  • Skyler’s a big-picture thinker, helping break down your web goals into manageable, measurable, and achievable action steps.

Got Talent? We’re always looking for digital marketing rockstars to join the team.
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